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Maniacs about Trimming 

Trimmania is the brainchild of Eric Giddings, who has worked in the motor trade since leaving school.  After employment with Golde, the coachbuilder and sunroof manufacturer in 1987, he combined the experience he had gained with the engineering business and motortrade experience of Stuart Walker.  This clearly proved to be a formidable partnership now celebrating 35 years of business 


Both partners share the love of the automotive industry in either two or four wheels form, with special interests in

Hybrid , classic, concept and American varieties. This love and knowledge is sympathetically applied to all their projects to ensure your confidence in choosing the right company to deal with.


'We are complemented by some dedicated workshop staff who include Paul, Lenka & Jana.


'We work with end users, manufacturers, agents and dealers from around the world.  Our Trimming expertise and knowledge has taken us into our third decade of trading'


'We have worked for and with, some of the leading coachbuilders in our country. Having trimming, carpentry, engineering, fabrication and embroidery facilities 'in house' and now print facilities too, we are able to offer a broader spectrum of services than most for that 'Extra special look'.


'We stock top quality British Leather from Andrew Muirhead, Bridge of Weir and Connolly, we source modern stylish vinyl's and man-made textiles from around the world for the more adventurous.  We have the solution for most'







For other related services check out our colleagues below:



If it 'Drives, Flies, Rides or Sails' Trimmania has the solution.

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